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New in the 2012-2013 edition

  • More than double the size of the 2011 edition, with 356 pages reviewing and rating more than 400 champagnes.
  • The most up-to-date champagne guide, featuring all the latest, freshest releases, all tasted recently.
  • Fully independent assessments – no marketing spin and no advertising.
  • Profiles and ratings of almost 100 champagne producers, from the smallest growers to the largest houses.
  • Fully updated and frank commentary on all the current issues facing Champagne: Global warming, expanding boundaries, excessive yields, antiquated cru system, and how to avoid corked, stale and lightstruck champagnes.
  • New chapters on capturing minerality, making sense of biodynamics and organics, the latest trends in dosage and the grower versus house dilemma.
  • Champagne Hall of Honour, ranking the best producers in Champagne this year and the best champagnes of the year under $60, under $100, under $200, at any price, and the best blanc de blancs, blanc de noirs, rosé and low dosage champagnes.
  • Everything you need to know about how champagne is grown and made and how to buy, open, serve and storechampagne.
  • The most detailed and up-to-date mapsof Champagne in print.
  • More than 500 photographs.
  • Guide to visiting Champagne.
  • Index of champagnes by score.
  • Glossary of champagne language.
  • Top forty Australian sparkling wines.
  • Fully updated Australian retail directory.

All for less than the price of even a cheap bottle of champagne!

International Champagne Writer of the Year - Shortlisted

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Contents and list of producers featured

Sample champagne house profile: Krug


It was a tremendous honour to be named International Champagne Writer of the Year 2011 in The Louis Roederer International Wine Writers’ Awards for The Champagne Guide 2011, bringing this award to Australia for the very first time. But this book in no way rests on the laurels of the last. The 2012-2013 edition is more than double the size, providing even more detailed insights into more than twice as many champagnes (more than 400 from almost 100 different makers), every bottle of which has been tasted recently. More…


Has champagne lost its sparkle? Last year I raised the alarm on champagnes arriving in the market out of condition, reporting one bottle in ten on the shelves to be faulty. This year I have delved deeper, retasting the same cuvées at different times and in different countries. The findings are shocking. More…

Tyson Stelzer

How to Identify the Right Company for Web design in Melbourne

How to Identify the Right Company for Web design in Melbourne

When planning to hire web design services, every person would like to work with professionals who are able to offer exactly what is needed. Whether one is looking for a business or personal website, it is necessary to ensure it’s designed by an experienced professional for it to look impressive. Choosing the right company for web design in Melbourne from the many available options can prove challenging. Here is a simple guide that you can use to identify the right web designer. 

Do they have in-house staff? 
Most companies for web design in Melbourne from GMG Web Design hire in house designers, who can cooperate to offer a impressive output. This is something that counts especially if it is a technical project. Companies that outsource designers may not be in a capacity to fulfill customer’s needs due to lack of close contact. Every part of the project should be presented to the manager for verification if it fits with what the customer has requested.

Pricing policy
It is true that completing a project that will give you an impressive website can be expensive. Therefore, getting a company that offers discounted rates to their customers can ease your budget. However, you may not want to hire a company for web design in Melbourne then receive low quality work due to low prices they offer. It is good to check on their reputation to confirm they can deliver accordingly.

New and unique designs
To establish a successful website, one needs to maintain uniqueness and originality. When getting professionals for web design in Melbourne, it is necessary to confirm about their history as far as offering unique services is concerned. This includes requesting for samples of their previous works to confirm whether they are creative enough. Hiring the right company for web design in Melbourne is easy if one follows guidelines as outlined above.