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New in the 2012-2013 edition

  • More than double the size of the 2011 edition, with 356 pages reviewing and rating more than 400 champagnes.
  • The most up-to-date champagne guide, featuring all the latest, freshest releases, all tasted recently.
  • Fully independent assessments – no marketing spin and no advertising.
  • Profiles and ratings of almost 100 champagne producers, from the smallest growers to the largest houses.
  • Fully updated and frank commentary on all the current issues facing Champagne: Global warming, expanding boundaries, excessive yields, antiquated cru system, and how to avoid corked, stale and lightstruck champagnes.
  • New chapters on capturing minerality, making sense of biodynamics and organics, the latest trends in dosage and the grower versus house dilemma.
  • Champagne Hall of Honour, ranking the best producers in Champagne this year and the best champagnes of the year under $60, under $100, under $200, at any price, and the best blanc de blancs, blanc de noirs, rosé and low dosage champagnes.
  • Everything you need to know about how champagne is grown and made and how to buy, open, serve and storechampagne.
  • The most detailed and up-to-date mapsof Champagne in print.
  • More than 500 photographs.
  • Guide to visiting Champagne.
  • Index of champagnes by score.
  • Glossary of champagne language.
  • Top forty Australian sparkling wines.
  • Fully updated Australian retail directory.

All for less than the price of even a cheap bottle of champagne!

International Champagne Writer of the Year - Shortlisted

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Contents and list of producers featured

Sample champagne house profile: Krug


It was a tremendous honour to be named International Champagne Writer of the Year 2011 in The Louis Roederer International Wine Writers’ Awards for The Champagne Guide 2011, bringing this award to Australia for the very first time. But this book in no way rests on the laurels of the last. The 2012-2013 edition is more than double the size, providing even more detailed insights into more than twice as many champagnes (more than 400 from almost 100 different makers), every bottle of which has been tasted recently. More…


Has champagne lost its sparkle? Last year I raised the alarm on champagnes arriving in the market out of condition, reporting one bottle in ten on the shelves to be faulty. This year I have delved deeper, retasting the same cuvées at different times and in different countries. The findings are shocking. More…

Tyson Stelzer

Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers

There are companies that may have shipping containers left over after they’ve closed down for business or have used the containers until they seem to have no more use. Shipping containers can be used over and over again until they are destructed, and the destruction of these containers is not easy to accomplish. The containers are made of steel and can withstand all types of abuse, so many have chosen to use them in the building of a home or to reinforce their homes. Since a lot of ships will go through the Caribbean as well as other countries around the world, the containers that are left behind may be used in building homes.

The use of shipping containers after they’ve been used to ship products is not unusual, especially since the containers are extremely sturdy and can be costly to buy brand-new. Some tend to keep the shipping containers on their property to use as storage, and the containers can be secured very well to keep intruders out. It’s even possible to use the old containers as a way to decorate a property, especially if it’s cut into pieces, and the pieces are used for reinforcement of a home or to build a walking ramp or other things around a home.

Anyone who is creative with construction can use shipping containers from ANL Containers for all types of buildings, and building a home out of the containers can be a very profitable way to start a small business. There are some companies that use these empty containers to build smaller homes or even put several of them together to build a much bigger home, even if it means building on top of the containers to make it a two-story home or larger. Anyone who has used containers that were originally for shipping can always resell them as scrap or use them for something creative.

Save your Teeth with a Dental Payment Plan

Save your Teeth with a Dental Payment Plan

If you’re like me, there are two things in the world that you dread in regards to going to the dentist. One being what the dentist is going to find, you know you didn’t floss every day and night, and you know that your doc can tell when he looks in your mouth. Two, you dread the costs associated with the visit because if you have insurance like mine, it doesn’t cover much of these highly expensive tests and procedures.
So there I was, holding my cheek in agony wondering whether or not I was going to take my husband up on his offer to extract my bothersome tooth with a pair of pliers when a co-worker literally saved the day. She asked me why I just didn’t set up a dental payment plan. I looked at her quizzically and wondered aloud what a dental payment plan was, but of course she referred me to the almighty powers of the internet.
I sat down and searched away and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of results that came up for dental payment plans at http://medipay.com.au/. I searched through loan companies, credit cards, and even doctors who boast affordable dental payment plans through their practice. Since I was partial to my dentist, I instead began researching only the credit cards that had affordable APR’s for dental payment plans.
I was able to apply right online and knew within minutes the amount that I qualified for. I also learned that if I paid off the dental bill in it’s entirety within 6 months it was interest free! My worries were not almost completely over.
The following day I practically skipped into my dentist’s office and smiled while handing over my temporary card to the receptionist. I leaned forward and whispered, “It’s a dental payment plan card, tell the dentist to do his worst!”. I still think that my husband is disappointed he doesn’t have to pull out my tooth with a pair of pliers.

Women’s Boots

Women’s Boots
Boots are a fabulous way to show your style of the day. Do you feel funky today? Try a lace cut-out pattern that stops at the knee and has a stunning skinny heel. Perfect if you are feeling a little Goth today. Or, you could slip on a pair of knee high white boots with black heel and toe accents. Rhinestones really add the bling to this funky pair. Expressing yourself with a great pair of womens boots at http://www.brandhousedirect.com.au/a/collections/womens-boots.

Maybe you are feeling bold and confident today? Try on some vivid red suede mid-calf boots. Black buttons on the side add a touch of whimsy. These boots tell the world that you can conquer anything. Look out world!

Today could be the day that you have that important meeting with the boss. A promotion could be on its way. The tan booties that stop at the ankle are the perfect professional choice. Your boss will see a confident, stylish woman who knows how to dress for success.

Is the weather cold and blustery? Do ice and snow make the walk slippery? Some rugged boots with great tire-pattern tread will make walking easy. Insulated insides will keep your toes cozy warm, while waterproof uppers will keep the weather away from your legs and feet.

If the summer is hot and so are you, rock your sleek legs in a pair of jean shorts and some raging red slouch boots. Cowboy boots never go out of style. Pull on your mid-calf soft leather cowboy boots and go boot-scooting with the girls.

It’s your life, your fashion- choose boots that fit your style.

Benefits of Professional Computer Repairs Melbourne Companies

Benefits of Professional Computer Repairs Melbourne Companies

When it comes to your computer, there may come a time when it isn’t working the way that it should or completely crashes without reason. If this is something that you’re dealing with at the moment, it might be time to visit a local computer repairs Melbourne company. The computer repairs Melbourne experts will be able to quickly and effortlessly get your computer, laptop or any other device back up to its original running order, allowing you to feel confident about the work that has been done and all that you have done in order to hire this specific type of professional.

The first thing to remember about computer repairs Melbourne professionals is that they work on a wide range of gadgets, not only computers. They can repair laptops, phones and tablets when and where you need them repaired. The computer repairs Melbourne experts will also charge a fee for their services, but it is a lot less expensive than if you were to go out and buy a brand new gadget to meet your needs. In fact, going to one of these experts has enabled a lot of people to save tons of money on what they have in order to avoid the expense.

You will find that 1300 fix now – computer repairs Melbourne experts are readily available to you at any given time. If you are currently experiencing problems with your computer, laptop or other gadget, it might be time for you to look into hiring a computer repairs Melbourne company to help out with this specific task and project. They will get to work right away and assist you with what you need without you having to be a computer expert in the slightest. This is a great way for you to not only save tons of time, but you will also be able to save a lot of money as well.

How to Identify the Right Company for Web design in Melbourne

How to Identify the Right Company for Web design in Melbourne

When planning to hire web design services, every person would like to work with professionals who are able to offer exactly what is needed. Whether one is looking for a business or personal website, it is necessary to ensure it’s designed by an experienced professional for it to look impressive. Choosing the right company for web design in Melbourne from the many available options can prove challenging. Here is a simple guide that you can use to identify the right web designer. 

Do they have in-house staff? 
Most companies for web design in Melbourne from GMG Web Design hire in house designers, who can cooperate to offer a impressive output. This is something that counts especially if it is a technical project. Companies that outsource designers may not be in a capacity to fulfill customer’s needs due to lack of close contact. Every part of the project should be presented to the manager for verification if it fits with what the customer has requested.

Pricing policy
It is true that completing a project that will give you an impressive website can be expensive. Therefore, getting a company that offers discounted rates to their customers can ease your budget. However, you may not want to hire a company for web design in Melbourne then receive low quality work due to low prices they offer. It is good to check on their reputation to confirm they can deliver accordingly.

New and unique designs
To establish a successful website, one needs to maintain uniqueness and originality. When getting professionals for web design in Melbourne, it is necessary to confirm about their history as far as offering unique services is concerned. This includes requesting for samples of their previous works to confirm whether they are creative enough. Hiring the right company for web design in Melbourne is easy if one follows guidelines as outlined above.